Managing your construction projects with ease.

                                                       The business value of DTS


                                 Your construction company and staff deserve alternatives to the expensive-to-buy, slow-to-set up, and 
                                 hard-to-learn project management systems on the market today. DTS accelerates and streamlines all
                                 projects and provides the most user-friendly software on the market for General Contractors, Construction
                                 Managers, Consultants, and Subcontractors, offering:

Greater Convenience 
                                       In today's wired world, your software should eliminate the hassle of computers and give you the
                                       freedom to work your way. DTS Manager offers greater convenience to your entire company. 

                                                   Access your information anytime, anywhere - your flexibility increases 
                                                                Collaborate with co-workers in different locations
                                                   Project information can be quickly imported to or exported from Excel spreadsheets 
                                                                    Take advantage of our fast and reliable infrastructure 
                                                                    Leave the security and compliance to our professionals

                                Faster Deployment
                                Project management systems that require long implementation schedules can be disruptive to your 
                                cash flow. Avoid the time and expense of developing an in-house solution. Unlike other software, 
                                DTS's fast and easy service is designed to get you up and running quickly.

                                                  View online demo and contact us for in-person demo 
                                                  Set up and learn DTS quickly with online training and other help resources 
                                                               DTS' intuitive system requires minimal training, so you're productive almost immediately 
                                                               Start managing your products in hours, not weeks

                                Lower Cost
                                If you're like most companies today, you are concerned about cost. DTS helps lower your costs with a 
                                full-featured solution while offering an affordable price that works for your business. 

                                                   Software that connects you to your team, in and out of the field 
                                                                Very competitive pricing           
                                                   Free periodic software updates with new features
                                                                Save money by increasing efficiency and improving communications and accountability

                                Maximize Profits 
                                The long-term success of your organization depends on your ability to manage each and every project 
                                with maximum productivity and you cannot afford to make a bad investment in technology. So why buy 
                                software from vendors that don’t understand your needs?  DTS is the most cost effective project 
                                management solution on the market, providing immediate return on your investment.  

                                                   Communicate more effectively resulting in more profitable jobs 
                                                                Operate more efficiently and decrease production time for maximum profitability 
                                                                Organize information and manage tasks with ease and expediency for greater profitability