Managing your construction projects with ease.

                                                      About Us
                                                              The DTS Story

                           DTS Manager was created by the President and founder of DRP Consulting, Inc., Sam Elshiwick, with a vision of simplifying 
                           the construction project management process with software that replaces the expensive and complex project management 
                           systems on the market today. DRP has created the most user-friendly software on the market for General Contractors, 
                           Construction Managers, Consultants and Subcontractors, offering immediate benefits with reduced risks and costs.

                                                   Meet our President and Founder

Sam Elshiwick has more than eighteen years experience in systems management, auditing, IT
infrastructure implementation, migration planning, software architecture, software management
and rollout, and related studies to business and technology infrastructure.

Sam not only has IT skills and certifications, but also has a business sense and an understanding
of the "Big Picture".  He has been involved in starting up companies and has vast knowledge in
industries such as Construction, Real Estate, Private Commercial Transportation, Retail, Medical,
Engineering, and Pharmaceutical, among other industries.  He also was involved in creating a
technology foundation for startup companies as well as designing a data center for a technology
client with a load requirement of three million transactions a day.
Sam has given several IT and database management seminars. His niche is streamlining work
processes and creating efficiency where needed. He is involved as a board member for several
companies to help shape their business goals and integration of technology.